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Top translation company in Can Tho

Integration and development is the current global trend, which is why translation and interpretation companies are established with the mission to help solve problems such as study, work, exchange .. Help people understand what others are saying. Translation companies have the task of switching from one language to another, helping 2 or more parties understand and communicate with each other. Now the demand for translation is huge, which is why many translation companies are open. This is a difficult part for customers to find the best translation company, at an affordable price. In this article, we would like to share the leading translation companies in Can Tho City at the moment.

1. Translation company - translator A2Z.

Established and operating in translation field with more than 10 years of experience, A2Z Translation Company is a prestigious and top quality address. When mentioning the A2Z brand, customers remember immediately to the leading address that provides translation and interpretation services in Can Tho. With the motto "prestige" is the top priority, A2Z Translation always strives to bring customers the best quality translation services at affordable prices.

1. 1 Why should customers in Can Tho choose A2Z Translation?

+ Translation A2Z is ​​the number one translation and translator provider in Vietnam. The first unit with offices nationwide, with more than 100 offices in 63 provinces and cities.

+ CTV team about 3000 and 1000 official translators. All have bachelor's degree in foreign languages ​​with different specialties and fields (Ensure the quality of translations is always accurate and close.)
+ Competitive price (always cheaper in the market), often with promotions for customers.
+ The translation always has a company identification (issued by a competent authority)
+ 24-hour counseling and support, including holidays
+ Handling issues related to translation, interpretation ... during the day
+ Regularly have old customer promotions and promotions for new customers.

1.2 Specialization - translation field at A2Z:

Translate study abroad documentsSpecialized translation of Visa and passport
Specialized translation of Information TechnologySpecialized translation of medicine, medicine and medical materials
Specialized translation of pharmaceutical materials and chemicalsSpecialized translation of mechanical and automotive
Specialized construction engineering translationSpecialized translation of petroleum translation
Specialized translation of telecom translationSpecialized translation of electricity and electronics
Translation of marketing leaflets, PR articlesSpecialized translate company website documents
Translation of business records, translation of catalogs

Translate market analysis report

Translation of business registration certificates and investment licenses

Translate technical reports, user interfaces

Translate economic / commercial documents

Translation of energy / oil and gas industry documents
Translation of banking / financial / accounting documentsEducational translation / Translation materials
Document translation for Electrical / Electrical Engineering / Electrical equipmentMedical translation / pharmaceutical / medical materials
Translate journalism industry documentsTranslation of food technology / biological materials
Translate environmental / real estate documentsTranslate Sports / Travel / Entertainment documents
Translating maintenance documents, technical instructions, user guidesSpecialized translation of electricity and electronics
Translation of technical drawings, patents, technical documentsTranslation of agricultural / aquatic materials
Translation architecture architecture / Building materialsTranslation of legal documents, decrees and circulars

1.3 Translation process of A2Z:

+ Receive documents: analyze and accurately identify specialized documents
+ Share translation materials for translators that match their abilities, qualifications and expertise. This determines translation quality and accuracy.
+ Create word lists: Ensure words, accuracy, relevance and consistency in specialized areas.
+ Conduct raw translation: check and draft through translation. This is an important step, determining the quality of the translation. When conducting a raw translation, it is easier to draft before the later stages, the sentence will be more logical and smooth.
+ Proofread: After the raw translation, the draft of the translated document will be sent to the editor, checking the correctness of the term and the appropriate sentence.
+ Format: Edit, format documents to it beautiful
+ Translation quality management: before the document is returned to the customer, the document will be checked again, closely before returning it to the customer.
Address of A2Z Translation Company
Can Tho branch
No. 648, Road 30/4, Hung Loi Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho.
Hotline: 0966.779.888 - 088.888.6875

2. Asian translation and interpretation company

The company translates financial documents and records, judicial certification services for individuals and organizations with more than 10 commonly used languages. In addition, the company also translates specialized, highly-calibrated documents, provides interpreters in different languages ​​such as English, French, German, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Cambodian. , Lao and Arabic. , Italy with translators with high expertise and long experience.
Contact information:
Asian translation and interpretation company

3. MidTrans Translation Company

Professional translation in English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Laotian, ... Translators and interpreters of the company are trained Edition and professional knowledge.
Contact information:

MidTrans Translation Company


4. Nhat Phuc Translation Company

+ Providing full professional translation services with good customer service, high qualified translators and always put prestige first.
Contact information:

Nhat Phuc Translation Company


5. Translation company S.O.C

+ Address translated reliably with multilingual in many specialized areas in Vietnam. Specializes in notary translation, document editing, translation translation ...
+ The translation team of the company is professionally trained, from receiving customer documents, document appraisal, translation, translation correction Art, translation approval to ensure the most perfect translation.
Contact information:

Translation company S.O.C

Above is the address of reputable translation companies in Can Tho. Hopefully, with this sharing, customers will get a reputable translation address closest to customers


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